Civil Works & Infrastructure

Civil Works & Infrastructure


Strategic Infra Services is a Pvt. Ltd a company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act 1956. Strategic has been managing Civil works and infrastructure that includes roads, canals, bridges, buildings, etc. across Karnataka with a majority of the clients from the Government sector.

An Eminent Government Body that lays the foundation of economic development & growth with Modern Infrastructure. Strategic Services, Civil Works & Infrastructure unit deploys critical PWD and RDPR projects, for the Government of Karnataka.
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Crucial Government Projects

Taking the Lead in Crucial Government Projects

Roads, highways, water systems, sewer systems and public buildings such as airports, logistics centers, and transportation facilities, all contribute to significant reduction in transportation costs, increase people mobility and create job opportunities.

Strategic Infra Services Pvt. Ltd is registered with eminent Government bodies like:
  • PWD Karnataka
  • Rural Development Panchayat Raj Engineering Department, Karnataka
  • Municipal Corporation, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.
  • KrishnaBhagya Jala Nigam Limited
  • Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Ltd
  • Cauvery Neeravari Nigam Limited
  • VisvesvarayaJala Nigam Ltd
Projects being taken up by Strategic Infra Services under Diversified Sectors:
  • PWD Karnataka
  • Irrigation Works
  • Roads Constructions
  • Building Constructions
Irrigation System

Building Sustainable Irrigation System

India despite being an agricultural land is highly affected by severe scarcity of water or overload of water. Conditions like drought and floods are extreme and can be met by sustainable irrigation methods as depicted by us.

Irrigation projects play an important role in diverting the excess waters to the dry lands hence bringing balanced regional development. Strategic services are placed on the fast track road to ensure that the projects under operation are used to their fullest capacities, and we are presently handling projects to benefit a million farmers and farm lands.

Strategic Infra Services is constructing the Distributaries including laterals of Main Canal, Navalagi Canal & Siddapura Canal under Venkateshwara Lift Irrigation Scheme

Venkateshwara Lift Irrigation Scheme:

This lift irrigation scheme is proposed to irrigate a total of 7200Ha of area coming under 10 villages – 4 villages of Mudhol and 6 villages of Jamakhandi taluk.


Achieving Excellence in Road Construction

The Indian Government continues to show high levels of aggressiveness for developing its road infrastructure. However, the road sector is beset with challenges of outsourced private units, labors, conditions like pandemic, and so much more.

We follow positivity, transparency, corruption free system. We also initiate Performance audit to fast-track the decision making.

Our region of expertise is into various geographies, but right now, we have actively deployed work in the Raichur Division. This ambitious project would cover a total length of 2.820KM.

Improvement of Road from Balaganur to Narayan Nagar Camp in Maski Taluka of Raichur District is being undertaken by Strategic Services, which includes CD works and Protection wall as well.

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Karnataka Urban Water Supply & Drainage Board, Bellary Division

Providing and laying of 90mm & 110mm dia HDPE pipe line from Eklaspur cross to Krishna meadows, Construction of 50,000 liters capacity sump in CA site and Supply, erection, electrification & commissioning of suitable HP submersible pumpset with allied accessories at Ward no 34 in Raichur city.

  1. Earth work excavation lying of bedding wherever specified, lying of pipes jointing, testing & commissioning of all pipe lines back filling the trenches and restoring and making good all surfaces which are damaged during excavation
  2. Fixing and connecting all pipeline fixtures such as valves, bends, tees, blank flanged, tail pieces, flow meter etc., and an air vessel tee with a blank flange at the start of the rising main
  3. Construction of all appurtenant structures such as pipe supports, valve chambers, thrust blocks and anchor blocks, etc
  4. All work shall be done as per the specifications. The works shall include providing all materials, equipment, labor, tools, plants, transport etc, and all other services necessary for the complete construction including necessary sub-soil investigations


Water Supply

Our competitive Strategies make us unique

  • Strategic Services has the ability to develop and implement value-creating strategies not simultaneously being implemented by current or potential competitors
  • Our sustainable competitive advantage can’t be duplicated by our competitors
  • Efficient, transparent and accountable governance
  • Our competitive strategies reflect ground realities and a collective consensus on addressing the challenges of irrigation and agriculture
  • We provide access to affordable physical infrastructure
  • Our value-added initiatives focus on developing strategies that encompass strategic resources

Why should your work with us?

  • We offer over numerous applications for large-scale civil engineering and infrastructure projects because of their high value added and high level of work methods
  • We know that every project has specific requirements. This is why design, engineering, and integration to the existing landscape are the main challenges to face when constructing these projects.
  • A wide experience in the construction of mega projects such as bus stations, airport expansions, underground stations, train stations, and terminals. We offer reliable formwork solutions and continuous on-site support for a successful outcome.
  • With thorough planning and response capacity, we can successfully complete kind of projects.

“Very well thought out and articulate communication. Clear milestones, deadlines and fast work. Patience. Infinite patience. No shortcuts. Even if the client is being careless. The best part…always solving problems with great original ideas!.”

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