Corporate Sector

Corporate Sector

Strategic Infra Services has provided solutions to many leading Indian IT industry. It has been forge in providing IT Solutions to Indian IT Industry. Strategic Infra Services has worked with several leading Corporate Industries of India. Strategic Infra Services has provided services in technical assistance, content management, web solutions and networking (LAN) solution, in addition.

Strategic Infra Services has installed new hardware, new cable/LAN connections and web solutions to many IT companies. Strategic Infra Services also provided necessary education on handling of hardware to the employees of the companies. Strategic gave instruction to the head of the companies to penalize those employees who are mishandling the equipment of the company.

We are recognized for the technical assistance provided immediately to the companies.

Strategic Infra Services has been pioneer in providing industry solutions to IT companies of India. We have also been consultants for the companies when the firm needed it.

Strategic Infra Services has always given top class service to its clients. For any further issues we ask our clients to revert to us. We have always shared a long term relation with our clients.

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