Biometric Data Capture

Biometric Data Capture

Strategic Infra Services brings you Biometric Data Capture – exceptional application software that is used to capture the biometric records of individuals. This integrated software allows you to capture, store and match synchronized data over an IP network in the most secure process.

With Biometric Data Capture you can fight fraud associated with poor identity management. You can use this application software at small to big offices, educational institutes, hospitals, etc.

The biological data that we use for identification are:

Biometric Data Capture

  • Fingerprint
  • Hand
  • Biometric scanning technology helps to record and process attendance and registration details
  • Aids you in the employee management issuance of Identity Cards, Career Planning, Personnel record, etc.
  • Capture sensitive employee details such as Surname, First Name, Contact number(s), Email, Gender, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Complete Address, location, etc.
  • Fingerprint sensor provides highly secure authentication and verification that can be used as a secure login device
  • The sensitive data captured by the client gets encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Data gets automatically uploaded and secure to the central server via IP networking

Our remarkable benefits:

  • Enhance the correctness, reliability and accessibility of records of students, employees, etc.
  • Get crucial insights to individuals behavior
  • Identify the user device and other verification process
  • Find stability and speed in the recognition process in just a single enrollment
  • Get rid of hassles of stolen passwords, inaccuracy in identification, forgery and illegal data transfer
  • Avail high level security measures that is extremely safe and user friendly
  • Such outstanding features have made Biometric Data Capture a leading software in the industry.

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