Strategic Marketing Services invests time and money to venture into new ways so that our clients get louder, better and faster with digital display solutions. Our digital display products range from indoor LED display screens to outdoor LED malls. Take a look…

Indoor LED Display Screens:

Looking for indoor LED display screens with vibrant image details and flexible viewing capabilities? Strategic Marketing Services presents indoor LED display screens usable just the way you want. Available with better design perspectives and newer color contrasts, the screens are thin and lightweight. What’s even better is the minimal time required for its installation.

Features of Indoor LED display screens include:

  • SMD 3-in-1 LED package
  • Modular video processing for smooth motions
  • Availability of dual formats – standard and HD
  • Uniformity in image display pertaining to the field and industry

Outdoor LED Mobile Display on Mobile Trailers/Trucks

Searching for new ways to attract your sponsors? Strategic Marketing Services proposes outdoor LED display on mobile trailers or trucks as the best way to fascinate sponsors and attract more clients. Make your brand shine and get great recognition by showing your brand on the bigger screens in the prime areas at peak hours.

Features of Outdoor LED mobile display on mobile trailers or trucks include:

  • Maximum visibility guaranteed with double side high-clarity LED display
  • Inbuilt generator with 6 hours of backup
  • Easy access to media through rack-mounted computer
  • Outdoor audio speakers and sound amplifiers for high audio quality
  • Ability to create 40,000 impressions per day with graphics on digital billboards
  • GPS enabled

Customized Platform Trucks

Any digital-advertising need, and we have a solution!

  • We are pioneers in digital signage and outdoor mobile-display advertisement systems. We have a fleet of trucks that carry advertising messages all over the country, specifically designed with your needs in mind. In addition to that, we offer you customized solutions for all your outdoor and indoor digital-advertising needs.
  • We can customize any truck platform according to your specifications. We use some of the best accessories available in the market today, so that you do not face any technical issues. We have a skilled team of technicians to incorporate every need into the truck chassis. We will offer our suggestions and incorporate your requisites, and collaborate to create the perfect solution for your goals. Please go through our portfolio for immediately available trucks and other solutions. If you have something specific in mind, give us a call. We will turn it into reality for you.

Outdoor LED Mobile Display with Hydraulic Lift up to 7 ft

One big advertisement truck to beat them all…

Our biggest display truck, the outdoor LED mobile display with hydraulic lift, is one of a kind machinery. It has a single-side display which measures a massive 15 ft by 10 ft! The giant LED screen can be hoisted with the help of hydraulic lift mechanism up to a height of 7ft. above the existing chassis height, the display soars to 12 ft.

A powerhouse in the advertising sector, this vehicle has travelled the length and breadth of the country hosting major campaigns. It comes with the strongest chassis available in the market today. The LED display is modular, enclosed and all-weather compatible. Such features have been extended to the cables and sound equipment as well. The display is operated from the driver cabin. Other standard equipment includes diesel generator backup and Bose speaker systems for exceptional sound clarity.

What makes this truck unbeatable today?

  • The only truck with hydraulic lift capability
  • High visibility with imported LED display
  • All-weather display and sound system for maximized performance
  • Strong chassis for difficult road conditions

This amazing display mechanism allows you to stand out with maximum visibility. The advantage our product gives you is special, because besides elevating your brand, it makes your message mobile. Built with state-of-the-art machinery, our vehicles remain durable and keep the users absolutely safe.

Outdoor LED Mobile Mini Display with Static Mounted Dual-Side Display

The future of outdoor marketing is already here…

Forget about static billboards. Imagine a world where you can move your advertisement wherever you want. We can do that for you, and more! We introduce to you outdoor LED mobile mini display trucks. They are custom-built to maximize reach, create interest and take your marketing message to the right people.

Our outdoor LED display trucks are cutting-edge advertising platforms designed to attract full attention. They are rugged, durable and designed to showcase your abilities. The vehicles are part of a large fleet of advertising channels that come in various shapes and sizes. The outdoor LED mobile mini display vehicle is the smallest in our fleet, but it can do things the others cannot.

Here is a list of specific points about the mini mobile display vehicle:

  • Dual-facing LED display systems
  • All-weather display
  • Mounted directly onto flat bed of a small commercial vehicle
  • Diesel generator with up to 10 hours continuous power backup
  • Separate operational interface for each display unit
  • All-weather Bose speaker system
  • Easy maneuverability in small lanes due to compact size
  • Full-time driver and assistant

You increase your visibility with dual-facing LED displays. It gives you the enhanced opportunity to showcase your marketing message. The technical features available are newfangled and exclusive, with designs for them to operate over extended periods in the roughest of conditions. We have ensured that we have the best in technology for uninterrupted display advertising.

Outdoor LED Display Screens

Because only the best will do…

Welcome to the new age of advertising. We present to you outdoor LED display screens. They are the biggest innovations to hit the advertising market today. They are eye catching, easy to spot and dynamic. Our outdoor LED display systems have been designed to withstand the harshest faces of the Indian climate. Encapsulating the latest in technology, our screens function with minimum down-time and power consumption.

The LED screens have been imported and enclosed in modular material. That gives them significant advantage over other conventional billboard advertising products.

Advantages over conventional billboards include:

  • They are not affected by rain, wind or sunlight
  • They are resistant to debris
  • They do not tear and rip like regular billboards
  • You can use sound with visuals

Static advertising is costly and manage only one message per board. The outdoor LED display screens maximize screen space and can display multiple messages over any length of time. You can also utilize the sound system that we provide with the outdoor LED display screens, so that you can pitch your message along with the visuals, just like on TV. It costs far lesser than static billboards do, and the advantages are far more!

Outdoor LED Video Wall

Play your advertising videos anywhere!

The outdoor LED video wall is the perfect solution for your marketing. LED video walls can play stills as well as videos for any duration of time. They are designed for maximum visibility and sound clarity. The high-resolution LED displays are all-weather compatible and can be mounted easily in any location. They have the capability to stream live videos from the internet as well.

They are suitable for a variety of occasions:

  • Indoor and outdoor events
  • Publicity events
  • Parties
  • Commercial establishments such as cafes and pubs
  • Rallies and entertainment events such as concerts

Being LED-designed, their visibility is unmatched. They can display HD videos without any lag. They also come with in-built sound systems, which match the requirements of the videos played. They come with their own crew, which will take care of all the technical complexities, letting you relax and enjoy your own marketing displays.

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